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Privacy policy


The following privacy policy discloses the privacy practices of (hereafter “golden-goals”). This privacy policy applies only to information which is being collected by golden-goals alone.

Collection, Share and Use of Information

All the information collected by this belongs to golden-goals only. Golden-goals have only access to and will only collect such information which the user submits voluntarily via e-mail or any other direct contact. Golden-goals will at no time rent or sell this information to a third party.

Golden-goals will only use the user’s information in order to reply to him/her. Golden-goals will not give the user’s information to a third party which does not belong to golden-goals, unless it is required to fulfill the user’s request.

Golden-goals may contact the user via e-mail, unless told not to by the user, in order to introduce new attractions, newsletters, specials or any change to this privacy policy.

With the help of a storage file, golden-goals may collect the user’s information such as e-mails and other personal correspondence. Without the user’s consent none of the information will be released to a third party. Without the user’s prior consent none of the material and content will be used for marketing or advertising purposes, but golden-goals may use it for editorial purposes.

The User’s Control to and Access over Information

At any time the user may opt out from golden-goals. By submitting a request via e-mail to, the user has the following options at any time:

Ask for data, if any, which golden-goals have on the respective user.

Change or correct the data which golden-goals have on the respective user.

Ask golden-goals to delete any data on the respective user.

Express any apprehension or concern the user has about golden-goals’ usage of data.

Security Measures

Golden-goals take safety precautions to protect the user’s information. Golden-goals protect both online and offline any sensitive information submitted to its website by the user.


Golden-goals use cookies. Cookies are composed of information which are being sent by a server to a web browser and finally stored by the browser. Each time the browser asks for a page from the server, the very information is sent back to the server. Cookies enable golden-goals to better understand and target the interests of its users and can help to enhance the users’ experience on golden-goals.

By using cookies, golden-goals are in no way able to gather any information on the identity of the user.

Cookies may also be used and / or sent by some of golden-goal’s business associates and partners. Yet, golden-goals does not have any control over or even access to these cookies The advertisers and sponsors should be contacted directly by the user for detailed information of these cookies.  The user has to be aware that once he / she leaves golden-goals, for instance by clicking on a sponsor link or advertisement, this privacy policy is no longer applicable. As privacy policies differ, the user should carefully read the privacy policy of the other websites in order to learn about the handling of personal information, among others, on the respective site.

Google Analytics

For the analysis of golden-goals, Google Analytics may be used. Different kinds of information about the usage of a website are being generated by Google Analytics through cookies which are being stored on the computer of the user. Google may create a report about the usage if a website by storing and using this information. The user should carefully read Google’s privacy policy which can be found here Information on the safeguarding of the user’s data through Google Analytics can be found here

Sharing of Information

Golden-goals may share aggregated demographic information with its partners, associates and advertisers. At no time will this be linked to any information that might identify an individual.


The user can find links to other websites on golden-goals. The privacy policies and / or contents of the other sites are by no means the responsibility of golden-goals. The privacy policy of the other sites should be read carefully by the user.

Aggregate Reports for Advertisers

Golden-goals may compile reports for advertisers. As an example, golden-goals may inform the advertisers about the number of users who saw and clicked on an advertisement, even more specific the number of users who saw and clicked on advertisements in different places and spots on golden-goals. Such reports are essential for the advertisers which have to understand how effective their advertisements are in attracting potential clients and customers as well as how to best use golden-goals. This will, however, at no time include any information which leads to the identity of any user or his / her usage patterns.

Information Security

Among others, Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and “Firewalls” are being used by golden-goals for the protection of personal information of its users.  Only authorized personnel will have access to the information collected on golden-goals which is being stored in secure facilities.

The User’s consent

The user agrees to this privacy policy by the sole usage of golden-goals.

Contact golden-goals

At any time the user can and should directly contact golden-goals if he / she has any question regarding this policy or feels that golden-goals does not abide by this policy. The e-mail id for such inquiries is